Peter Wolters Machine Tools

Peter Wolders offers a wide range of solutions including:

Peter Wolters Lapping and Polishing Machines

Peter Wolters Double Disc Grinding Machines

Peter Wolters Thru-feed Grinding Machines

Peter Wolters Deburring Machines


Ideas, drive, flexibility and commitment are the qualities that make The Peter Wolters Group a world leader in the field of single and double-wheel fine grinding, lapping, polishing, flat honing and deburring machines for flat workpieces. Peter Wolters has been meeting market requirements with a wide range of new products since 1804. It is no wonder that Peter Wolters is a world leader in trend-setting precision surface solutions! Contact Motch and Eichele for further information about Peter Wolters’ lapping and polishing, double disc grinding, thru-feed grinding and deburring machines.

PETER WOLTERS Thru Feed Grinding Machine Peter Wolters Thru Feed Grinding Machine


Peter Wolters Lapping Machine

Peter Wolters Lapping Machine