Micorlusion Micro Machining Centers

Microlution Micro Milling Machining Centers

Microlution Inc. is a Chicago based machine tool manufacturer specializing in building high performance CNC machine tools that have been optimized to fabricate small high precision parts. Microlution’s “micro” machine tools are based on the concept that small high precision parts should be machined on small high performance machine tools.


Microlution’s high performance micro machining centers have fabricated small high precision parts from plastics, metals, glass, and ceramics and have proven to be a cost effective solution for both prototyping and high volume applications.


Microlution is pleased to announce the new Microlution 5100-S, 5 axis CNC micro milling machine. This high performance, vertical style, linear motor machining center is designed for precision micro milling applications.

microlusion micro machining centerMICROLUTION


As shown in the above figure, the 4th and 5th axes of this machining center are achieved through a trunnion style configuration. Therefore, the 5100-S can also be configured as a vertical 3 axis machining center by removing the trunnion. Linear motors are used to drive the translational axes while Heidenhain glass scale encoders provide positional feedback.


For more information on Microlution’s micro milling machines, contact Motch and Eichele.